4 Tips to improve your communication skills in less than a day.

Steve Anthony
3 min readJan 10, 2021


But it all depends on how motivated you are. This question can be answered in many ways. So, let’s keep it simple with 4 ideas.

The first tip is to Educate yourself.

Knowledge is a powerful factor that can empower people to achieves great results. When you take the time to understand the fundamentals of communication it will help you to build confidence for new situations.

Read books, listen to interviews, watch videos and experiencing different conversations. These are all a part of educating yourself. You’ll see immediate improvements as soon as you start educating yourself. So, start today!

Next, you have to practice without giving a F**K!

Education is a huge part of confidence but practicing what you’ve learned takes you to the next level.

Regular practice of any activity is the main way to improve. It will help you get in the habit of conversational behaviors and will help you build more confidence with each person you talk to.

Have some fun practicing too! Get in front of the mirror and start talking. Watch your body language, listen to your tone of voice, and record yourself.

Third, be like a lifeguard.

Besides lifeguards looking like models and slapping sunscreen on their backs, they must effectively scan the water or be professional observers to make sure swimmers are safe.

Be like a lifeguard and scan the people around you.

What do you see?! What do you observe?!

Use what you observe or notice as a conversation starter.

“Oh, nice shoes” “Hey, isn’t the food great?” “What a beautiful view.” “I love your makeup!” Etc, etc, etc, etc. The next time you’re in a room, just notice things.

Practice here! Look below, what do you notice in the picture? What do you observe? What would you comment on? Try it!!

Lastly, find a friend who will say, “You suck!”.

What this means is that you want to find someone to give you constructive feedback. You need to validate how effective you are and how far you’ve come along as a communicator.

Validation can also be very effective in building confidence, especially when you receive good advice or constructive feedback.

Ask the person you’re receiving feedback from to tell you what improvements need to be made and what you did well. Think of 2 people who you trust and will give you honest and constructive advice.

We hope this helps!



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