Improve communication skills professionally and personally. But how?

Steve Anthony
2 min readJan 3, 2021


#1. Listening

The most important communication skill to improve communication at work and at home is by listening.

Listen for the message, listen for any emotions behind the message, and ask follow up questions.

Listening to the message without prejudgment or being distracted by other thoughts will make a huuuugge difference.

#2. Be very aware of non-verbal communication

When we talk we send a lot of nonverbal messages.

The way you look, listen, react, and gesture, speaks volumes about how you feel. According to Salesforce’s research on interpersonal communication, 93 percent of communication is non-verbal. WOW!

Developing the ability to use nonverbal signals will help you connect with people at work and at home.

#3. Managing those very boring meetings

What’s a “good” meeting? Who knows these days. But, you can improve it. Try different tactics to not waste people’s time. Here are 5 tips.

  • Summarize each meeting within 30 seconds
  • Start and stop on time
  • Use closed-ended (yes or no) questions
  • Ask introverts some open-ended questions.
  • Have an agenda

#4. Use bad news to use positive communication

Employees closely observe their managers and how they talk to others. The employee grapevine is verrry fast so smile and say “hello” to each employee you see.

Even if you’re giving bad news, try to have a positive twist to it. Such as, “I know you made a mistake but I still trust you. Here is how we can improve.”

#5. Don’t let your crazy work or personal life control you. Manage emotions.

Feelings play an important role in communication. If you are not aware of your emotions you won’t be able to express your needs and experiences clearly. This can result in frustration, misunderstanding, and fighting.

Learn to manage your emotions and your communication will improve drastically.

We hope this helps!



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