Use these quick (but honest) mind tricks from an FBI agent.

Steve Anthony
2 min readDec 7, 2020


Want people to like you? Use these quick but honest tricks from an FBI agent.

Jack Schafer, a former FBI agent who worked as a behavior analyst, says, you need to use the “Big 3” signals to become more approachable.

#1. Don’t be afraid to flash … your eyebrows.

We subconsciously raise our eyebrows when we’re genuinely pleased to see someone.

Raising the brow is usually a message of agreement, followed by head nodding, which was documented by Charles Darwin.

Keep in mind that raised brows are also used to flirt, act surprised, show fear, and to send a silent greeting. So use it accordingly.

And remember, we all have the power of the brow. Start using yours!

#2. Just use the tilted head move.

If you’re talking to someone and they’re tilting their head to the side while you’re talking, it’s a sign they’re comfortable and they like you and what you’re talking about.

Try experimenting by changing the topic of the conversation. If the person you’re talking to is still tilting their head they may be more interested in you than the conversation. Wink, wink!

3. Don’t use botox! Use an authentic smile.

Your creases around the eyes show people you’re genuinely happy to see them. If you don’t see the little crinkles around someone’s eyes, consider being cautious.

If a person is genuinely smiling, you won’t be able to see their bottom teeth. Look at George Clooney’s mouth, the bottom teeth are totally absent because it’s a sincere smile.

Remember, the “Big 3” signals are the eyebrow flash, a tilted head, and an authentic smile. This tells people you’re approachable and a potential friend.

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